A day in the life of a Paceshifters sound technician.
Waking up in a big stinky RV and starting my daily mission for coffee!
You would think coffee shouldn’t be much of a problem, but to find something that doesn’t taste like a bowl of **** with water can be a challenge around here.
I blame Starbucks!
Getting on our way to our show for today at Bar96, Austin my hands stopped shaking so the caffeine must be working! Today is a Dutch showcase by Dutch Impact, so naturally I ran into a friend of mine, Brian, technician for The Black Antlantic. This was actually the first show of the tour with more than 3 channels to mix! Heuy!
After watching a couple of Dutchies play and hanging out with Usher we went to grab some dinner with the Residual Kid + entourage. I love Tex-Mex food! And of course, while the biggest showcase festival of the world is going on, we went to an old school country bar! Gettin’ in line and doin’ the two-step!
Today we have a show at the Continental Club, my headache is coming back so time to find some coffee!


– Allex (Sound techinician)

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