Day Off,
Yesterday we had our first day off. But it was the first official day of the SXSW festival so there was more than enough to do. First we had to pick up our wristbands at the Convention center and after that was fixed we walked around Austin.
There is music everywhere! Bands playing in bars, restaurants, hotels, on the street, just everywhere. First bar we tried to get in was the Valhalla, Residual Kid was playing there. But there we had our first problem. 21+ show. Even with a wristband you have to be 21 to enter a bar.
This time we were lucky, Seb was able to sneak in with the members of Residual Kid, but this is gonna be a problem for the rest of the week.
After Residual Kid rocked the house we tried some more bars, but they all were 21+ so Seb couldn’t get in. Till I found my “public transport chip card”. In Holland we have to use these cards for the train, busses and all that stuff. You put a lot of money on there so you can check in and out and every once in a while you forget to check out and all your money is gone. So I never knew why this was a useful product until now! Since Seb (Patrick from now on) and I look a lot alike and my birthday is on the card he can try to use it as his ID for this week.



We were not sure this was gonna work, but after a very smooth entrance into the first bar we tried, we knew this was the key to success for the rest of our stay.
So thank you NS (Dutch railroad) for the Public Transport Chip card. Best thing ever!



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