Last day in Austin


This tour has almost come to its end.. It has been a great experience for us and we’ve made a lot of new friends over here.
Especially the boys from Residual Kid, they rock damn hard!! It was nice to share the stage with those guys and hopefully we’ll see them around on the road!
Yesterday we had two shows. The first one was an in-store gig at Patagonia, people lined up outside, it was packed!
Daniel Siegel (ex-drummer Supersuckers) showed up with his wife and kids, I was pleased to meet him!
We had so much great responses after the show, it was insane!


After the Patagonia gig we went to the Palm Door for our official SXSW showcase!
The venue looked awesome and the sound was pretty damn good over there.. This show was gonna be our last show in Austin..
A lot of people of the music industry showed up, I’m really curious about the e-mails we will receive these days..
This show by itself was worth the trip!
After the show we said goodbye to Residual Kid and headed off to San Antonio for the last show of the tour.


Steaks and Rock n Roll,


SXSW Spillover BBQ!!



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