Murphy’s Law.

Friday 8th we left for SXSW in Austin, the world’s biggest music festival. After we received the invitation to play SXSW, we did our best to book a whole week full of shows and talked about a name for the tour.,Texas tour or SXSW tour.. But after one day we all decided unanimously that it is going to be Murphy’s Law Tour. “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Car trouble on our way to the airport.
Maintenance on the plane that we were already in.
At our stopover in Philadelphia we received an email that our amps are arriving late for our first three gigs.
Our shuttle bus to the hotel never arrived and we learned it doesn’t even excist.

But finally we reached our hotel and after a short beauty sleep we were waiting for our shuttle to the RV company. After half an hour, no shuttle yet. We called the RV rental company, our driver was searching for us in the lobby of the wrong hotel! He finally arrived an hour and a half later and was very surprised that we are with 7 people, because that won’t fit in his cab. What did you expect?? We rented a RV big enough for 8…

Well, he called another cab for Seb and Niels who stayed behind. We reached the RV rental place and had a short inspection of what seems to be a HUGE truck. On our way to Austin when we receive a call from Orange USA they have some amps for us! So in the end it seems to be working out and we reached our first gig in Austin @ Maria’s Taco Express. Since the Austin Chronicle already wrote a story about Paceshifters they seem to be ready for us. I know we are!


– Frank van Lunteren (manager Paceshifters)

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