Paceshifterz n the Hood!
Booking shows in Texas? I had no experience with this at all. Where to start?
Well, tap into the scene were it all started for me years ago. The D.I.Y. Hardcore
Both Jasper of Starve and Greg of Trial mentioned I should talk to Steve Austin.
Not the wrestler, but gitarist of Texan hardcore band Die Young. Well, Steve
doesn’t live in Austin anymore, but did get me in touch with Rich at The Annex at
1808. The hardcore network got us a show on Monday!
When we arrived yesterday… I guess everybody knows movies like Boyz n the Hood and
Menace II Society…
Frank and I went to the venue and this huge black guy opens the door…..and gave
us a warm-hearted welcome! Owner Charles is an amazing friendly and enthousiastic guy!
And what a place, what a neighbourhood!
Police driving by, “hounddawgz” on the streetcorners…
But our ‘homies’ did a great show and if it wasn’t for SXSW rules (no shows after 7PM during SXSW) they would have played another show tonight, because the owner told us he was “blown away” by the show. Check the picture, and you know this is quite an achievement!
Thanks to Jasper and Greg, this was a once in a lifetime experience, a show in the
– Kevin Bouwens, tourmanager / radiopromoter

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