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Join The Bakkie Society and be the first one to hear our new record!
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If you join The Bakkie Society you get access to the following exclusive stuff:
  • Every month you will be the first one to hear a new song from our upcoming record with exclusive background info.
  • ‘The Bakkie Podcast’. We will talk about the new song, how it started out and we will share crappy demos.
  • Signature ‘Paceshifters’ roasted coffee! For this warm welcome present we’ve teamed up with The Village Coffee & Music in Utrecht to provide you the best coffee at home.
  • Exclusive discount for merchandise.
  • Access to The Bakkie Society section on our website. All the members can share their ‘Paceshifters’ memories together. Talk about shows, share pictures and ask questions.
  • Bakkie of the month: We will pick one name out of all members and we come to your house for a bakkie and you can hear our brand new record for the very first time. (NL Only)
  • Guestlist – we will give away a few spots for every show.

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