Hello lads,


Last 3 days were AWESOME!!

We had 3 shows planned: Supportting Thin Lizzy, Our releaseparty at the Burgerweeshuis and the famous Groezrock festival.


The show with Thin Lizzy at De Pul, Uden was a cool one. A real nice warm-up for the 2 days that followed up. We had a good time playing and talking with lots of people. Also thanks to the boys from The 101’s for showing up, we’ll see ya soon!

Next up waw the releaseparty, the day that our new album ” HOME” was going to be released.

We arrived quite early at the Burgerweeshuis so we could prepare the whole show as we wanted it to be.

Our lightguy Kasper arranged a shitload of lights wich looked awsome onstage.

Once we went onstage the place was packed! We had an awsome night!

Sadly, after the show we had to pack everything quite fast cause we had a short night ahead.


My alarm went off at 5 am.

At 6 am we were in the bus on our way to Groezrock. Once we got there and saw the “Impericon Stage”, we were siked to get on. We had quite a soundcheck and everything sounded perfect onstage. We had (once a damn gain!) a great time playing. Just the fact to play Groezrock is a big honour to us. The crowd still had to wake up a bit, so we blast their asses off. Thank you very much!

The rest of the day we walked around the festival to check out alot of bands.


A Great Weekend!


Special thanks to Allex, Kasper, Gerard, Niels(Laundry Day), Frank, Erna, Mano and Marjolein!!!


O, by the way, next friday(the 4th of may) we will play at Nachtegiel, 3FM. So be sure that you won’t fall asleep and turn on the radio!


Yours Truely, Koen


Video’s by Niels Bourgonje


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