Today I woke up by a lawnmower who was just outside our RV. After I checked the time I found out that I had a pretty long rest. After taking a shower at Kevin’s Friends’ place we went into the city of Austin.

Today was the day that we played the legendary “Continental Club”. We decided to check it out. The place looked supercool, a real biker/hot rod place.
After that we went into the city and checked out some stores. At an ATM we bumped into a guy who asked us if we were the Paceshifters. We said yes, and then he asked us if he could get a picture with us, which of course was no problem. Then he told us his name was Nate Mendel and that he was the bassplayer for a band called the “Foo Fighters”.

Showtime… We went to the Continental club and checked out some bands. Right before we had to go on we found out that the batterhead of the bassdrum was completely ripped. I had to turn that thing around and use the otherside of the kickdrum.
We had a blast playing the show, great response!
Rob and Erna, our booking agents, were also in the house! We had a great time.

Later on we went into the city, walking for miles. We checked out “Gregory Alan Isakov” in the “Palm Door”. Great show, great artist, you could see he left a lot of people speechless. The venue was also real cool, and we are happy about that since we play our official SXSW show there this Saturday.

After a couple of beers we decided to ditch. Today we have a show in Dallas which is quite a long drive (I’m not gonna say how long, since us Europeans complain real fast about distances).
Hope to eat some Denny’s along the way, because I had way to less Denny’s since I’ve been here.

Koen Klarenbeek

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