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After we announced that we will continue Paceshifters without Koen, we had lots of reactions by drummers from all over the world and we like
to thank each and everyone of them.
But since we are a Dutch band and band practice would become very expensive with a drummer from the United States or China, we decided to look closer to our home. And when one of your friends is Jesper Albers you have an easy taskā€¦.

We have seen Jesper play drums in Automatic Sam and because Seb and Jesper also play together in Prestcold Molly, we knew he was the right guy for the job.
So we proposed and he said yes!

Right now we are working really hard towards the Geurenpop show in Hellendoorn on the 19th of July.
So come check us out!

After this show we will start writing new material for our upcoming third album!

The last show with Koen will be at Geuzenpop (Enschede, NL) on August 2nd so that will be a very special show for us.


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